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Contrary to popular belief, Maqui berry supplements are almost two times as powerful as the legendary acai berry, when compared side-by-side in an antioxidant absorbency test. Dr. Manny Alvarez, Fox News correspondent, even goes as far as saying, “there’s a new super-fruit in the making!” And by all means, we certainly agree with him on that point.

While Maqui berry, also known as chilean wineberry, is in no way a “new discovery”, it was only recently introduced to the United States. In this short amount of time, consumers have started to go nuts over this power-packed berry. Many individuals are working Maqui into their daily lives, which in turn is helping them lose weight, detoxify, and become healthier.

Below, we’ve outlined Ultimate Maqui Berry, one of the most impressive products available on the market. If you’re looking to try the metabolism-boosting, appetite-suppressing, Maqui super-fruit, this is a great way to get it in a super high quality, convenient, freeze dried capsule at a fabulous low price. (Order multiple month supplies for massive savings.)

Dieting Fix: How Supplements Can Help Boost Your Overall Health

As hard as it is to admit, dieting isn’t always as “black and white” as we’d like it to be.

Between the convenience of fast-food, the birthday cake you feel obligated to eat, and the long-term habits we form as kids, your daily diet can be tough to get under control.

However, with the help of some top notch supplements, we can begin to gain some ground!

Detoxify, Cleanse, Lose Weight & Feel Healthier – The Easy Way?

If you’ve stumbled across our site, you’re probably looking to detoxify, cleanse your body, and ultimately lose a few pounds in the process, aren’t you? Seriously though, aren’t we all?

Even if you’re watching what you eat, we all have those moments where we can’t fit in a meal, don’t have time to workout, or can’t make a good choice, due to time constraints.

(In a perfect world, we’d always have time to eat right – That’s not always the case though..)

But, what if we could stack the chips in our favor, and almost “automatically” succeed?

Using Ultimate Maqui Berry To Ensure Long-Term, Simple Results

Our top recommendation, Ultimate Maqui Berry, is the highest rated maqui supplement you can find on the market, period. It’s organically grown, ethically harvested, and certified pure.

This maximum strength supplement comes in a convenient capsule form, which is great for long-term weight loss and detoxification, resulting in much higher levels of everyday energy.

Why A Maqui Berry Supplement? (Do I Still Need To Exercise?)

Yes, of course you need to exercise still! Any kind of supplement, Maqui berry included, is simply a much more convenient way to get vital nutrients into your body on a daily basis.

When you combine exercise, Ultimate Maqui Berry, and an attempt at choosing better foods to eat, you get an equation that results in some pretty fast quality-of-life improvements.

Our Overall Recommendation – Tips For Fast, Consistent Results

As with any new routine, it’s best to stick with it for at least a handful of months, preferably 4-6 months.

This allows you to see consistent results much more quickly, rather than taking time off in-between supplies.

The company behind Ultimate Maqui Berry has a special running right now.

If you stock up on a 4 month supply of Ultimate Maqui Berry, you’ll receive the 5th month for free, and get upgraded, free shipping.

Plus, you’ll also receive two free e-books – “Truth About Detoxification” and “15 Tips To Lose Holiday Pounds” – both of which are packed with exclusive tips and weight loss knowledge.

How Much Will This End Up Costing, Total? (Peanuts, Actually!)

If you’re serious about losing weight, cleansing your body, detoxifying, and experiencing all the added benefits that come along with being healthy, there’s no way you can pass this up!

You do want to lose weight, feel better about yourself, and have more energy, don’t you?

By selecting the 4 month supply, you’ll receive your 5th bottle for free, supplying you with 5 months of the Ultimate Maqui Berry product. That’s 150 days worth, for only $137.70.

At $137.70, you’re receiving a 150 day supply of Ultimate Maqui Berry, which breaks down to less than $0.92 a day. (Yes, that’s 92 cents – under a buck!)

What else can you do for under a dollar a day to improve your health so drastically?

Great, Let’s Do This! – (Step-By-Step Discount Order Instructions)

Step 1:
Hop on over to the official Ultimate Maqui Berry website by clicking here.
Step 2: Type in your Name and Email on the right side of the page.
Step 3: Make sure the 4 Month Supply Option is selected, and click Submit.
Step 4: Fill in the rest of your Information, Address, and Credit Card details.

Important: Below your information, make sure to enter the e-voucher code: UMBEX1

(As a special thank you from us, this code will automatically knock off an additional 5%)

Step 5: Scroll down to the end of the page, and click “Order Now’ to complete your order.

Congratulations, That’s Literally All It Takes! (You’re On Your Way)

You’re now that much closer to a healthier, happier, slimmer you!

In the next 7-10 days, you’ll be receiving your Ultimate Maqui Berry supply. After that, it’s up to you when to begin, but make sure to stay consistent for the fastest results.

You’ll need to take your Ultimate Maqui Berry three times per day, preferably with water and a solid meal. Taking one with breakfast, lunch and dinner generally works best.

It would also be a good idea to start working out more, and watching what you eat.

By combining your efforts, you’ll begin to see results that much sooner. Enjoy your journey!